Submitted by editor on Thu, 22/03/2018 - 12:23

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo de Rivera has left an incredible legacy, and this is arguably true with regard to both her art and personal life and image.

It is therefore no surprise that quite a lot of initiatives, including films, restaurants, merchandising, games and even emjois, have been dedicated to this artist.

Also Mattel has recently decided to honour Kahlo by dedicating her one of its signature Barbie dolls as part of its Barbie Inspiring Women Series, unveiled on International Women's Day 2018. The Frida Kahlo Barbie has been chosen on account that

"Frida Kahlo continues to be a symbol of strength, originality, and unwavering passion. Overcoming a number of obstacles to follow her dream of becoming a fine artist, Frida persevered and gained recognition for her unique style and perspective. With her vibrant palette and mix of realism and fantasy, she addressed important topics like identity, class, and race, making her voice-and the voices of girls and women alike-heard. Her extraordinary life and art continue to influence and inspire others to follow their dreams and paint their own realities."

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