Submitted by editor on Mon, 02/04/2018 - 12:05

This is the question a court in the Southern District of New York will be dealing with in a recent lawsuit filed against Destiny Hope, a/k/a Miley Cyrus and others. Does Miley's chart topping 2013 hit song" We Can't Stop" infringe on a song written by Michael May?

Jamaican songwriter and deejay Michael May goes by the stage name 'Flourgon". This name was given to him because of his love of dumplings. Specifically, Flourgon alleges that Miley and others, including her co-songwriters and record company, infringed on the copyright he has for the song "We Run Things". In the complaint, Flourgon alleges that Miley's co-writers acknowledge the Caribbean musical influence behind Miley's song.

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