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Program Description
The M.A. Program in Intellectual Property and Innovation Management aims at supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Palestine and allowing students to acquire new knowledge, and skills and enrich their experiences to become professionals and experts in intellectual property; it also seeks to buttress their abilities to improve their role in this field, and get involved in related emerging issues. The program provides an opportunity for students to know the new strategies and organizational processes for innovations and inventions. It also trains them to manage innovative and advisory projects and create a wide legal education/ culture that makes them qualified cadres to work on the development of the legislative system pertinent to intellectual property and innovation.
The program has six compulsory courses (18 credits) and three elective courses (12 credits). This is in addition to a six credit thesis. The student has another option to take six compulsory courses (18 credits) and 6 elective courses (18 credits). The student must pass a 6-credit comprehensive exam.

Role of program in Palestinian society
This graduate program serves the Palestinian society through its interest in emerging issues of concern to the people. These issues are intellectual property and innovation management. This program focuses on training students in legal, economic, and technical issues, thus allowing them to adapt with the real needs of justice institutions, companies and organizations whose main interest is intellectual property. The program supplies the Palestinian job market with professional lawyers who are capable of solving problems/ disputes pertinent to intellectual property and innovation and delivering best solutions for them. The program also trains students on preparation of studies and proposals on innovation and intellectual property.

Graduate Students Talk About Their Experiences with the Graduate Program in Intellectual Property
" The M.A. Program in Intellectual Property is a new one in the university and in Palestine in general. In my opinion, this program is a qualitative leap for the university. This program is expected to turn out qualified cadres in all fields of intellectual property. It will place Palestine on the map of countries which give interest to intellectual property and also allow Palestine to keep abreast of developments in intellectual property in other countries. This program will increase awareness of the importance and impact of intellectual property on daily life and increase understanding of how to protect it and enhance its role in increasing creativity and innovation. Besides, this program will encourage respect of intellectual property rights and celebration of creativity and contributions made by innovators and creative people to develop their societies. Pertaining to the program courses, I can say they are varied, integrated and informative and cover all areas of intellectual property rights. The mechanism of giving these courses is different. It does away with rote learning, for this kind of major largely depends on analysis, deduction & induction and gives the student the opportunity to do research, write reports and present them in class for discussion/ debate (Diana Fa'oor, Graduate Student)

" The idea of the Intellectual Property major comes in full harmony with the vision and education policy of An-Najah National University: serving as a leading institution of higher learning and a creative force in the life of Palestine and its people, advancement of knowledge and excellence in teaching and involvement in the community. The program came in response to dramatically evolving needs of the Palestine people and job market in particular: presence of experts in intellectual property who are capable of protecting the rights of innovators and inventors, public safety by subjecting commercial products to legal control to make sure they have high quality for consumers. This is in addition to protection of traders' rights. This program also came in line with the market's need for legal protection taking into consideration the close link between progress of society and protection of intellectual property rights. The contents of courses include importance of protection of social and economic sectors, thus promoting investment and development of local industries and keeping local capital at home." (Sa'id Radwan, Graduate Student)