More Than 60 Groups, Companies Urge EU to Step Up Copyright Reform

A range of civil society groups and companies urged the European Union to embrace a more ambitious agenda for reform of the Union’s copyright law.

UAE Federal Government Establishes IP Court Circuit

he UAE Minister for Justice announced this month (Ministerial Resolution No. 137 for 2016) that the UAE will be setting-up dedicated court circuits to handle Intellectual Property Rights disputes.

Libya - (Slow) Progress on Publication of Trademark Applications and Issues with Registration Certificates

News from good friends SMAS that publication of trade mark applications is progressing slowly. They report that the last publication was "Publication no.3" on 4 June 2015 with application numbers 20195 to 20465.

UAE - Seizure of Counterfeit Car Parts in Abu Dhabi in January 2017

Abu Dhabi: Around 21 truckloads of fake auto spare parts confiscated on a single day by Abu Dhabi officials will be destroyed after completing legal procedures, officials said on Tuesday.

UAE - UAEU Licences Patents to US Pharma Business

Abu Dhabi: UAE University (UAEU) has signed a licensing agreement with global US-based pharmaceutical company BioLegend, which will see four of the university’s developed patents being used to help detect Parkinson’s disease, an official from the university told Gulf News.

Law Scholarships

If you are studying law at the graduate level and want to know the types of funding available worldwide, this will be an assist.

Tinder Takes Swipe at ‘One Man’ Dating Parody App

A UK comedian and entrepreneur has incurred the wrath of social search mobile app Tinder, by creating a dating app named Shinder.

Nestle Fails to Trademark Four-Fingered KitKat Shape

Court of Appeal judges in London have stuck two fingers up to Nestle's attempts to trademark the shape of its famous four-fingered KitKat bar.

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