Intellectual property protection in China

The concept of Intellectual Property has drawn much more attention in the worldwide arena than before, and the protection of intellectual property all over
the world is now at a dynamic stage of transformation. With the international cooperation on science and technology and the development of economy and trade,
the legal protection of intellectual property is playing a more and more important role in society and is receiving even greater attention worldwide. But in the


Geographical Indications

This publication provides an introduction to geographical indications (GIs), explaining their basic features, use and protection as an intellectual property right. Written for
non-experts, it is a starting point for readers seeking to learn more about the topic. While the publication focuses primarily on the protection of GIs as an intellectual
property right, it also addresses the economic and social dimensions of GIs and responds to the questions most frequently raised by policymakers, producers and other


Intellectual Property in a Digital World

This report was prepared by Ernst & young in conjunction with 2011 forum d'Avignon bringing together culture and cultural in industries the d'Avignon assesses economic and social issues, including both social cohesion and job creation.

To read the whole report please see the link below:


Emotion, Dilution, and the Trademark Consumer

The law generally ignores the role of emotions in consumer decision making,although emotions are widely acknowledged to play a dominant role in shaping preferences concerning risk, borrowing, consumption and choice.5 Trademark law has been especially suspicious of the role that emotion plays in increasing demand for branded goods. Some have argued that emotional advertising causes consumers irrationally to pay a premium for trademarked products that are not functionally superior to generic substitutes.


Claiming The Glass Slipper: The Protection of Folklore as Traditional Knowledge

Cinderella sat down on a stool, and, taking off her heavy
wooden shoes, put on the slipper, which fitted her to a
shade; and as she stood up, the Prince looked in her face,
and, recognizing the beautiful maiden with whom he had
danced, exclaimed...


Legal Review on Industrial Design Protection in Europe

This document is the final report for the legal review on industrial design protection in
Europe. It begins by mapping the genesis of the current legal and institutional frameworks for
the protection of designs within the European Union. The study then proceeds to set out the
major jurisprudential issues which have been identified through empirical surveys and
interviews. It critically analyses the issues in order to determine whether they may have an
impact on the effectiveness of design law at both EU and national levels, with reference also
to national and regional case law. As the Design Directive and Design Regulation are in pari
materia, the key issues have been assessed in light of both these instruments, in order to
provide a coherent analytical and recommendation tableaux. Optional avenues of action, and
recommendations are provided throughout the analysis, and highlighted in the Executive
Summary, and in Chapter 7.


Patents and Medicines: The Relationship Between TRIPS and the Human Right to Health

he link between medical patents and the human right to health has become a subject of a central concern at the international level. Access to drugs and the international intellectual property rights regime.


IP Tables

IP Tables are prepared by SABA Intellectual Property firm. These tables give a general information about different IP fields by holding a comparison between different legal systems,and Palestinian IP legislation is among these legal systems . All of these tables were recently updated.


Intellectual Property: A Very Short Introduction

In Intellectual Property: A Very Short Introduction, by Siva Vaidhyanathan, readers are introduced to the basics of intellectual property, framed in a way that illustrates how intellectual property both shapes and is shaped by larger economic, political and social contexts.

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