IP Tables

IP Tables are prepared by SABA Intellectual Property firm. These tables give a general information about different IP fields by holding a comparison between different legal systems,and Palestinian IP legislation is among these legal systems . All of these tables were recently updated.


IP Tables

IP Tables are prepared by SABA Intellectual Property. These tables give a general information about different IP fields by holding a comparison between different legal systems, and Palestinian IP legislation is among these legal system with other legal systems from all over the world. All of these tables were updated recently.

UK Joining Hague Agreement

Users of registered designs will be pleased to hear that the UK Minister for Intellectual Property, Jo Johnson, has recently stated that the UK will ratify and join the Hague Agreement for International Design registrations by 31 March 2018.

ECTA 36th Annual Conference

The European Communities Trademark Association’s (ECTA) 36th annual conference will deal with the latest developments in trademark and design law and offer optimal networking opportunities with friends and colleagues.

Still No 3D Trade Mark for KitKat

The long running saga began with Nestle’s 2010 application to register the three-dimensional sign (the Trade Mark) graphically represented below as a United Kingdom trade mark in respect of vario

Legal Review on Industrial Design Protection in Europe

This document is the final report for the legal review on industrial design protection in
Europe. It begins by mapping the genesis of the current legal and institutional frameworks for
the protection of designs within the European Union. The study then proceeds to set out the
major jurisprudential issues which have been identified through empirical surveys and
interviews. It critically analyses the issues in order to determine whether they may have an
impact on the effectiveness of design law at both EU and national levels, with reference also
to national and regional case law. As the Design Directive and Design Regulation are in pari
materia, the key issues have been assessed in light of both these instruments, in order to
provide a coherent analytical and recommendation tableaux. Optional avenues of action, and
recommendations are provided throughout the analysis, and highlighted in the Executive
Summary, and in Chapter 7.


UK Ratifies Hague Agreement for Industrial Designs

he final step in the UK joining the Hague Agreement for industrial designs has been completed with the UK instrument of ratification being deposited in Geneva earlier this week.

Adidas Prevails in " Three Stripes" Trademark Case

A European court has sided with the German sporting goods maker Adidas on Thursday in its long-running attempt to block two trademarks for parallel stripes on shoes filed by a Belgian footwear comp

Annual Conference on Trade Marks and Designs in Europe 2017

The aim of this conference is to meet the requirements of trade mark and design law practitioners to keep informed about the recent case law and the latest EU legislative developments.

The Technology Transfer Law Handbook

This book is an invaluable resource for practitioners serving the technology transfer community, delineating the full scope of recent developments and how they affect technology transfer operations in unique and unexpected ways, as well as presenting new challenges and opportunities.

If you are interested to know more about this book please see the link below:

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