Oman: Patent Search Now Possible

The Patent Office in Oman announced that official equivalent patent searches are now possible.

Qatar: Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law Enter into Force

Recently, and after much deliberation, the Patent Office in Qatar issued the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law. The Implementing Regulations entered into force on July 5, 2018.

Competition Law in the Pharmaceutical Sector

The 1-day essential review of the latest market trends, policy and case law developments - including invaluable practical strategies to address the new challenges currently affecting the pharmaceut

40th Global Legal & IP ConfEx, 21 February 2018, Singapore

Conference Title: The Multi-Purpose Legal & IP Departments and How to Navigate an Ever - Changing Business World

UAE Federal Government Establishes IP Court Circuit

he UAE Minister for Justice announced this month (Ministerial Resolution No. 137 for 2016) that the UAE will be setting-up dedicated court circuits to handle Intellectual Property Rights disputes.

Law Scholarships

If you are studying law at the graduate level and want to know the types of funding available worldwide, this will be an assist.

12th Annual Conference entitled “Claims on Area: The Geography-IP Interface

Scholars from all disciplines and practitioners interested in the economic, legal, political and managerial aspects
of intellectual property rights are all encouraged to submit and/or to attend.
We welcome submissions of Full Papers, Extended Abstracts and proposals for Themed Sessions.
All submissions will be peer-reviewed.
Prizes will be awarded to the Best Full Paper submitted and to the Young Scholar’s Best Paper.

18th International Copyright Law

The Institute for Information Law organizes an annual intensive post-graduate course on international copyright law. The face of copyright law changes continuously, mostly due to the constant evolution of the digital networked environment and the legislative initiatives at the international and European level. As a result, copyright professionals must keep abreast of the applicable rules, including those deriving from the TRIPS Agreement, the WIPO Treaties and the various European directives in the area

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