IPBC Japan 2018

Japan remains Asia's IP powerhouse and IAM is pleased to announce that our bi-annual IPBC dedicated to this influential jurisdiction will return to the Hotel Okura Tokyo on September 132018.

World Intellectual Property Forum

World Intellectual Property Forum is known for organizing one of the best Global IP event.

Bahrain: Substantive Examination of Pending Patent Applications

MANAMA - The Patent Office of Bahrain announced that it has started the substantive examination of pending patent applications in Bahrain, as from May 29, 2018.

Palestine: The First Intellectual Property and Trademark Conference

In April 2018, the Palestinian Businessmen Forum and the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy inaugurated the first Intellectual Property and Trademarks Conference, which took place at the Kore

Parallel Novels and the Re-imagining of Literary Notables by Follow-On Authors: Copyrights Issues When Characters Are First Created by Others

Goodreads.com is a website that is well-known to both authors and readers. Among the most interesting trends that one sees on that site is the publication of novels that draw characters from earlier literature and re-imagine them from a different perspective or within a different story. These "parallel novels" are created by "follow-on authors" who seek to reintroduce the public to characters with a new twist or from a new perspective. The technique used by follow-on authors is not in and of itself new- two of the top


How To Protect and Benefit From Your Ideas

This booklet is intended to help individuals profit from their ideas. It is not T intended as a “do-ityourself” book which will allow you to do without the services of a lawyer. However, it is intended to provide you with basic information which will help you to decide whether or not to go to a lawyer in the first place, and which will help you to understand what the lawyer says to you if you do consult with a specific lawyer who specializes in the practice of intellectual property law.


WIPO: Republic of Korea is First to Adopt WIPO's "Artificial Intelligence" - Powered Patent Translation Tool

The Republic of Korea is adopting WIPO's ground-breaking "artificial intelligence"-based translation tool for patent documents, making it the first member state to use WIPO Translate in an importan

MENA: Trademark Enforcement Measures

Protection and enforcement of Intellectual property rights are becoming essential aspects in driving growth, innovation and investment in the Middle East and North Africa.

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