Bahrain: Issues New Implementing Regulations for Patents and Utility Models Law

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism of Bahrain issued the Ministerial Decision No. 101 of 2018 regarding the new Implementing Regulations for Patents and Utility Models Law No.

Samoa Joins the Madrid System

On December 4, 2018, the Government of Samoa deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol with WIPO’s Director General, making Samoa the 103rd member of the Madrid System, which now

Jordan: Issues New Resolution on Patent Renewal Fees

AMMAN - As per the new decision issued by the Directorate of Industrial Property Protection in Jordan, it is now permitted to pay annuity fees for several years in advance for granted patents in Jo

Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property:Convergence, Divergence, and Interface

Both cultural heritage and intellectual property are creations of the mind that have economic value, being species of property. Since the end of World War II, UNESCO
has taken the initiative through its standard-setting instruments (that is, conventions) to highlight the convergence and interface between cultural heritage and intellectual


Saudi Arabia: IP Authority Pressing on Wards

In September 2018, the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property participated in the 58th meeting of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

DTIM Europe - Disruptive Technologies and Innovation Foresight Minds

After a great success in 2017,the DTIM Europe is coming back in November 2018 as the leading knowledge platform bringing together all stakeholders within manufacturing industries and the production

World IP Forum - WIPF

Focus on recent developments in Intellectual Property and its syncing with business objective, the forum is organized by Intellectual Professionals LLP and will take place in New Delhi, India.


55th Annual Conference on Intellectual Property Law

The Center for American and International Law
Plano, Texas

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