18th International Copyright Law

The Institute for Information Law organizes an annual intensive post-graduate course on international copyright law. The face of copyright law changes continuously, mostly due to the constant evolution of the digital networked environment and the legislative initiatives at the international and European level. As a result, copyright professionals must keep abreast of the applicable rules, including those deriving from the TRIPS Agreement, the WIPO Treaties and the various European directives in the area

WIPO-WTO Colloquium for Teachers and Researchers of Intellectual Property

he World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) are jointly organizing a two-week colloquium for teachers of intellectual property from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, Geneva, Switzerland.

Intellectual Property, Ethics and the Market in the Era of Personalised Medicine

The second of a three-year conference series on Personalised Medicine, Ethics and the Market, this multidisciplinary two-day conference will focus on Intellectual Property (IP) issues. In particular, the programme will bring together academics, practitioners and industry experts to debate ways to promote biomedical innovation in the public interest. Although current debate tends to be polarized, a spectrum of opportunities exists between strong proprietary approaches and unrestricted openness, and the conference will discuss ways to address the challenges and opportunities for personalised medicine. Topics to be discussed include innovation in diagnostics, data sharing and access to clinical trial data, open innovation and the impact of patents on clinical practice.

International Conference: Innovation and Competition in Life Sciences Law

The conference will provide in-depth analysis of the interface between IP and competition law in the life sciences. Presentations will address the significance of competition law in the field of innovation, research and development, clinical data and personal data, as well as in licensing and IP litigation.

Tinder Takes Swipe at ‘One Man’ Dating Parody App

A UK comedian and entrepreneur has incurred the wrath of social search mobile app Tinder, by creating a dating app named Shinder.

Nestle Fails to Trademark Four-Fingered KitKat Shape

Court of Appeal judges in London have stuck two fingers up to Nestle's attempts to trademark the shape of its famous four-fingered KitKat bar.

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