Report: Switzerland Again World’s Most Innovative; North-South Innovation Divide Remains

Is Europe the most innovative region in the world? In a well-regarded report, Switzerland has again been deemed the world’s most innovative nation, followed by the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands. But the annual Global Innovation Index also shows a persistent innovation divide between developed and developing countries, and this year focuses on the human factor in innovation.

WIPO Committee on Development Outcome Hailed As Most Positive in Years

After years of mostly discontented discussions at the World Intellectual Property Organization committee on IP and development, last week proved positive, with a 10 year political knot solved, an international conference, and a new project approved, as well as a number of recommendations to implement the 2007 WIPO Development Agenda.

WIPO Intellectual Property handbook in Arabic

This is an Arabic copy of the WIPO Intellectual Property handbook , which is considered as a general reference work on all aspects of intellectual property, including international treaties and conventions, analyses of all fields of intellectual property, its administration, enforcement and teaching, technological and legal developments, and WIPO's work in its Member States.


Dubai's New Intellectual Property-Based Economy: Prospects for Development Without Dependency

The Emirate of Dubai has, as a result of deliberate policy actions, been able to
reinvigorate, indeed to reinvent, its Intellectual Property Potential. That is to say
Dubai has boosted its ability to be the originator (and creator) of intellectual property
subject-matter, rather than merely a consumer thereof. Dubai has achieved the two
conditions through which an intellectual property r6gime becomes a valuable
national asset for a country with an initially low Intellectual Property Potential;


Intellectual Property's Basics

The book discusses all the basic intellectual property issues, it is like an encyclopedia in intellectual property.
The book is written in Arabic.
To read the whole book please open the link below:


Consumers' Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) On Copyright Summary Report

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights (Observatory), has recently published the Summary Report: Consumers’ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Copyright. 28 national copyright experts, in coordination with the competent authorities in the respective Member State, provided answers to the 15 FAQs. The Summary Report provides a horizontal synthesis of these answers, and highlights relevant differences between national laws.


Research on Online Business Models Infringing Intellectual Property Rights

EUIPO, through the European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, has published a report on Online Business Models Infringing Intellectual Property Rights.

The aim of this independent research is to provide an overview of different infringing business models, assessing how they function, how they are financed, how they generate profits for their operators, what kinds of content they disseminate and how large their user bases are.


Careers in IP Law: Avenues and Opportunities

Careers in IP Law offers a "day-in-the-life" guide with advice from expert intellectual property practitioners. The book helps students and those who are changing careers and provides detailed information on different practice areas: patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and new media. Careers in IP Law covers a key focus on employment opportunities, including a listing of career-related resources and relevant publications.


Starting an IP Law Practice: Critical Questions to Ask Yourself

So you think you want to start your own intellectual property law firm. Do you want to practice out of your basement, in your slippers, with your dog nearby? Or do you want to develop a specialized IP law practice within a large law firm? Start by asking yourself some critical questions:


IP Attorney's Handbook for Insurance Coverage in Intellectual Property Disputes, Second Edition

This revised handbook for IP practitioners provides an easy-to-use reference for addressing clients’ questions regarding insurance coverage. Lawyers will find information on the policy language carriers have used, how courts have interpreted this language in the most up-to-date cases, and common...

If you are interested to know more about this book please see the link below:

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